This exactly what I mean: ready to use spices can cause allergic reactions! I myself – or better my husband – made this experience with a BBQ seasoning. It is not difficult to make these things yourself! When I like a seasoning I once bought I simply look the ingredients they use and mix it myself. That is why my husband does not have any allergic reactions anymore on BBQ seasoning!

Long Player Kitchen

My girlfriend and I have a tradition every Tuesday of ‘Taco Tuesday’. I think the trend is gaining popularity everywhere, but round our way it is a Religion. It started off with us being lazy. We would have packaged corn tortillas, packaged guacamole, lettuce, onion, a tin of re-fried beans and some form of protein, usually veggie mince with a packet of taco seasoning added. It always tasted good and was really easy, but, with a little bit of effort (and I really do mean a little bit) we make it AMAZING.

Homemade corn tortillas, big lemony guacamole, healthy refried beans, mixed salads and vegetables, pico de gallo, fresh lime and a protein mixed with a homemade taco seasoning. Of everything in a packet, taco seasoning is one of the most guilty for being unhealthy. It is LOADED with MSG and preservatives. You do not want that shit in your body, especially if you are trying to keep your weight down…

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