I think it is about time to write something about myself.

Usually you should do this before you start, but I was quiet enthusiastic to start my new blog.

Until November 2014 I was the owner of a site called “Eat Good Live Good – cooking without flavor enhancers” – yes, the same title as it is now.

Living in Greece I have been struck by the financial crisis of the country in this way that I could not pay my host anymore who was located in the US. Because of the Capital Control the Greek government imposed to its citizens it was not possible to pay any bills outside of Greece. A lot of businesses got into deep trouble as they could not pay the goods they imported from other countries.

Trying to save my site this time, I lost all data I had collected by this time: recipes, tips and tricks, posts, everything! All work from over 3 years and appr. 300 clicks daily gone in one day!

But first things first!

I am not a professional cook! Sure, I have had three years of job training in hotel business where I also spent some time in the kitchen to learn the basics about cooking. But during my career in hotel business my focus lied more in the direct contact with the guests so I worked my way up being a Guest Relations Manager in a 5 star hotel.

I have not really been taught by anyone to cook. My idol is my mom, who always put a lot of importance to prepare tasty food. She told me, for example, before seasoning food to smell at first  the spice you want to add. If the smell matches with the taste you have in mind, then it will be the right choice!

I was born in Germany and spent some of my childhood in France. After finishing high school I had the fortune to travel for six months from the west coast to the east coast of the US. Therefore I became acquainted to Mexican food. As a Spain lover I went as a tourist guide to Mallorca and finally ended up on the beautiful island of Crete where I settled down.

Luck would have it here to meet my husband and learn about the delights of Greek cuisine. Introduced into the secrets of authentic Greek food by my lovely mother-in-law and worried about the healthy nutrition of my two children I started to focus more and more on cooking.

With my recipes I would like to show that it is not necessary to buy convenience food in the supermarkets. It is not difficult to prepare food without preservatives and flavor enhancers and as a working woman it is at my opinion a simple matter of organisation to cook healthy food for you family.

My focus is not the high cuisine you can read about in a lot of blogs. My focus is authentic, real food and not this “sheeshee”, as I call it, the kind of food you will find only in the high-class gastronomy.

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