Aromatic Pork Neck Roast or Pulled Pork Cretan (Minoan) Style

The Cretan diet has become famous all over the world since the last few years. It is considered to be the most healthiest diet because of its use of extra virgin olive oil, lots of vegetable and herbs. The Cretan diet developed from the Minoan traditions. This old civilization used the wild herbs of the […]

Greek Vegetable Pie with Traditional Filo Pastry – Hortopita (Χορτόπιτα)

Maybe you already know my recipe for Chortopitarakia, the small pies stuffed with wild green herbs. If you do not have the time or patience to make those you should try this pie. Compared to the small pies, it will take you about half hour to prepare the pie before cooking. So it is quickly […]