This seasoning you should try out on your next BBQ.

My family loves to BBQ. For this reason my husband has built a large BBQ grill in our garden. Therefor I once bought a seasoning mix for beefsteak with the result, that my husband was allergic to it, reacting with itching and pimples on his skin.

But I would not call my blog “cooking without flavor enhancers” if I would not try to make these things myself. So here is my creation of BBQ seasoning. You can store it for quite a while in a well closing container and sprinkle it over your meat before cooking. To avoid that any humidity is making the mixture lumpy and sticky keep a small piece of kitchen paper towel inside the container and store in a dry place.

The list of ingredients below is quiet a long but believe me, on the ready to use seasoning mix they were as much plus a whole list of preservatives!

What you need:

1 tsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. salt
¾ tsp. onion powder
½ tsp. garlic powder
½ tsp. sweet paprika powder
½ tsp. dry lemon zest, grated
½ tsp. grind coriander
½ tsp. dry parsley, chopped
½ tsp. dry tomato
½ tsp. dry oregano
½ tsp. dry basil
¼ tsp. smoked chili powder (Chipotle, alternatively regular chili powder)

¼ tsp. grind mustard seeds

BBQ seasoning

How to prepare it:

Mix all ingredients in a jar or plastic container and use each time for your BBQ.

My tip: if you do not get any dried lemon zest or parsley simply do it yourself!
Lemon zest: grate the zest of an untreated lemon and let dry on a kitchen towel overnight. Store in a well closing container. Use only untreated lemons as most lemon peels  in the super markets are treated with the preservative E230 or E233! It is not possible to remove these preservatives by washing the lemon under water!
Dried parsley: remove the leaves of a bunch of fresh parsley. Place on a plate and let dry for several days. When well dried crush the leaves with you hands and store in a well closing container. You can also shorten the time by placing the parsley in the oven with 50ºC on air.
In the supermarket you will find so called sun-dried tomatoes. Still, these tomatoes contain some humidity that will make your seasoning sticking together. To avoid this place the tomatoes between two sheets of kitchen paper towel and place in the microwave oven. Set your microwave on 700 watt and run for 1 minute. You will realize that the tomato bloated. Dry for another minute and check. If the tomato seems to be still a bit wet, repeat for another minute. Let cool the tomato between the paper towels and add to a blender. Blend until you get a tomato powder.


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