When you think about white pudding your mind would go for sure immediately to vanilla pudding.

But did you ever try to make it with white chocolate? Well, try it out and you will never ever make vanilla pudding again!

Usually I do not like white chocolate. But since I tried out this recipe I got so flashed especially in combination with the dark chocolate.

Make pudding yourself is really not difficult and does not take much more time than to cook the ready to use powder from the supermarket. Just try it out! You will never buy powder again! The procedure of making white or dark chocolate pudding is basically the same. Just leave the cocoa away for the white pudding.

It is not really necessary to add eggs to you pudding. They just make the pudding a bit more smooth. For the white chocolate pudding I would not even recommend as it will turn out yellowish. I personnaly never add eggs as I am not a fan of uncooked eggs.

If you want to make a simple vanilla pudding simply scratch the mark of a fresh vanilla, add it to the milk instead of the white chocolate and let cook together with the vanilla pod. Remove the pod before adding the cornstarch.

What you need:

For the dark pudding:
100 gr dark Couverture (cooking chocolate 52% cocoa)
4 Tbsp sugar
500 ml milk
40 gr cornstarch
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 vanilla sugar
2 egg yolks (optional)

For the white pudding:
100 gr white couverture (cooking chocolate from Nestle)
4 Tbsp sugar
500 ml milk
40 gr cornstarch
1 vanilla sugar

How to prepare it:Black and white pudding

Measure 100 ml of the milk and set aside.

In a pot heat the remaining milk together with the cooking chocolate, the vanilla sugar and sugar. For the dark pudding also add the cocoa powder.

Bring to boil while stirring continuously.

Mix the cornstarch with the remaining milk. When the chocolate-milks comes to boil, remove from the heat and add the cornstarch. Stir well, moving the pot to the still hot stove and let thicken (this will happen very quickly and the remaining heat from the electric stove will be enough).

Scramble the egg yolks and add to the pudding, stirring well. (Optional)

Add the pudding to a large bowl or several single serving bowls. If you want to overturn the pudding for serving later rinse the bowl(s) with some cold water before filling.

To avoid building a skin on top of the pudding simply  cover the bowls with some clingfilm and store immediately in the fridge.

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