As a child I spent two years in France due to my father’s work for an electronic company. During this time, my mother learned about French cuisine and the herbs used.
Later, when we moved back to Germany, besides of the new dishes she has learned to cook, one thing remained in her cooking and in my memory: Herbes de Provence.
Until now it is one of my favorite mixture of herbs. At the time I moved to Greece, there was a French supermarket chain existing in this country where I found my beloved mixture.
Unfortunately, these supermarkets do not exist anymore in Greece. So doesn’t my beloved spice. The other local supermarkets also have a ready to use “Herbes de Provence”, but they are not the same. So I decided to make my own mixture, inspired by the ingredients list of the mixture I bought years ago.
I also searched in the web. Everybody has his own mixture. Some even add lavender into the mixture, which I do not really find favorable, as the flavor of lavender is very specific and intense, and might not taste to a lot of dishes.
I prefer not to mix a large amount as dried herbs loose their flavor by long time storing. Still, the herbs will develop the best flavor if you let stand the mixture for a few days.

This mixture goes very well for sauces, fish and meat. I especially use it for Fish Fillet with Herbs Crust à la Provençal and Cream Sauce of Herbs Provençal. Also, garlic bread or garlic butter can be flavored by this mixture.

What you need:
½ tsp fennel seeds
2½ tsp rosemary
1½ tsp thyme
½ tsp pepper
2½ tsp savory
2 tsp basil
1 Tbsp oregano
How to prepare:
Add the fennel seeds and the rosemary into a mortar and grate with the pestle finely. Add all other ingredients and grate with the pestle until all herbs have been grated finely.

Store in a good closing jar in a dry and dark place.

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