One of my favorite fishes is salmon. Also, because there are a lot of possibilities to prepare it: steamed, fried, smoked a.s.o.

This dish is one of my daughter’s favorite. You can use deep-freeze or fresh salmon fillet but make sure that it is without skin.

In some of my recipes you may find some ingredients you might think that they do not fit. In my experience some spices can help as natural flavor enhancer. So as in this recipe. I always add just a pinch of sweet paprika powder to enhance the taste of the sauce at the end.

What you need:
500 gr salmon filet
Some lemon juice
1 onion
1 Tbsp butter
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 heaped Tbsp all purpose flour
100 ml dry white wine
250 ml unsweetened cream
250 ml water
1 tsp thyme (chopped, fresh or dry)
1 pinch of sweet paprika powder

500 gr Tagliatelle pasta

How to prepare:
Cut the salmon in bite-size cubes. Sprinkle with some lemon juice and salt and pepper slightly.

Chop the onion finely.

In a pot melt the butter with the olive oil on high. Add the onion and let fry until glassy.

Add the flour and stir well for appr. 1 minute until it gets “bubbly”. Deglaze with the wine and stir well until the mixture thickens slightly.

Add the cream and the water and stir well. Add the salmon, the thyme and season with salt, pepper and the pinch of sweet paprika powder to taste.

Turn off the heat and let stand on the hot stove plate until the salmon is cooked but not dry.

Serve with Tagliatelle.

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