Homemade Chocolate Spread

My kids love chocolate spread and I find it quiet expensive and the ingredients too many and unhealthy (especially the amount of sugar).
So here is my easy to make recipe:

Chocolate Spread
You need:
100 gr chocolate couverture (I prefer the dark with at least 65%)
1/2 package of margarine
1/2 can sweet condensed milk
2 tbsp hazelnuts
1 tbsp cacao

Chop the hazelnuts coarsely in a blender and roast them in a dry pan until lightly browned. Chop again in a blender as fine as possible.
Heat water in a pot, place a bowl over the hot water and melt the couverture in the bowl. Add the margarine and the sweet condensed milk and stir until mixed well.
Sieve the cacao into the mixture and stir well. Add the hazelnuts and stir.
Fill into a glass with lid and let cool.
Keep refrigerated.

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