During my time I worked as a guide I got the chance to work on Mallorca.

Before I came to Greece, Spain was always my passion and still is. I love the Spanish food. And to go out in Spain in a large company is about the same as in Greece. Everybody sits at a large table and you order starters for all. The plates are placed in the middle of the table and everybody serves himself from there. Everybody is involved in a loud discussion, the wine is making it’s round at the table. This is real passion!
One of my absolute favorite dishes from Spain is Paella. I used to buy from the supermarket as it is known to be a quiet time-consuming and tricky preparation if you follow the videos on YouTube.
One night I could not sleep and I was zapping around on my satellite TV when I stumbled over Andalusia TV with a cooking show. A Spanish cook was preparing Paella and it was turning up to be the most easiest recipe I ever saw. Just try it yourself, it is really easy!
What you need:

1 whole chicken
2 large leeks
2 paprika of the color you like
250 gr calamari
100 gr green beans
100 gr peas
1 canned tomatoes (400 gr)
2 glasses white wine
3 cups of rice
2 l water
8 mussels
8 large shrimps
4 filets of white fish
Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper
How to prepare it:
Cut the chicken into pieces, keeping the legs and the breast aside. Cook the rest in 2 l of water while you prepare the rest of the food.
Fry the chicken legs and breast in a large pan in some olive oil. In the meantime cut the leak and the paprika into stripes. Remove the chicken from the pan, keep warm. Add into the same pan the leek and the paprika.
Cut the green bean and the calamari into small pieces and add to the vegetables. Add the peas and let cook on medium heat until the vegetables are soft.
Add the tomatoes and the white wine and let cook for appr. 5 minutes. Add the chicken legs, breast and rice.
Add the saffron and give 8 cups of the chicken broth from the rest of your chicken. Add salt and pepper to your taste.
Cut the fish filet into pieces and add together with the mussels and the shrimps to the Paella. Let cook on medium heat until the broth soaked up by the rice. Eventually add some more broth.
My tip: to prepare Paella you definitely need a large pan as they traditionally use in Spain. If you do not have simply use a large round tin you use for the oven. Place it over two hotplates of your stove. I even prefer to prepared Paella in my Wok! The only thing is that you have to stir the Paella to cook evenly. If you are too lazy to cook fresh chicken broth or you just have ready chicken legs and breast from you supermarket you also can use 2 l of instant chicken broth.

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