Preparing my Fruity Pasta Salad for lunch today I stumbled over this question.

I love to watch cooking shows of all kinds on TV: to get new ideas, to see how professional cooks prepare something or to laugh about the unintentional stupidest of non-professionals. I am sure all of us sometimes think we could do it better – even if we cannot 🙂

However, I remembered that in some of these shows the profi-cooks were criticizing a candidate that he/she did not peel the grapes  used in the dish.

The professionals always talk about “taste experience” or the “explosion of the taste” in the mouth. What is more exciting in the mouth than the “explosion” of a grape in between the salad you just put into your mouth? The popping of the grapes’ skin reveling the soft flesh and the sweet juice between the crunchy peel! Why cooks sometimes exaggerate with their knowledge and want  to deprive us of the most natural things.

What is your opinion about this? Please write a comment below.

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