I just found one last Mascapone cup in my fridge and I thought: “Let’s make a Tiramisu” for dessert!”

It is one of our favorite Italian desserts, but to be honest, I do not like the fact that uncooked eggs are used in the original recipe. If the egg is not absolutely fresh, you know where it comes from, the weather conditions are not too hot (like on Crete in summer) and you will consume the Tiramisu immediately, I personally do not recommend to use eggs…

So I went to the groceries store and bought some whipped cream and “Ladyfingers”.

As this recipe is one of my “Quickies” it is enough for 4 portions. If you want to make it for a larger company simply double the amount. If you like it a little more vegetarian you even can use vegetarian whipped cream. In this case you should reduce or even leave the sugar.

If you like you even can add a bit of Amaretto to the Mascapone cream. If you want to make Tiramisu without alcohol simply replace the Amaretto with a few drops of bitter almond aroma.

What you need:

250gr Mascapone
200gr whipped cream
50ml cold milk
2 Tbsp sugar
1 vanilla sugar
1 cup strong coffee
2 Tbsp. Amaretto liquor
100gr Ladyfinger biscuits
unsweetened cocoa powder

How to prepare it:

In a bowl whip the cream with the sugar until stiff. In a second bowl mix the milk with the Mascapone. Combine both creams until well mixed.

Mix the coffee with the Amaretto liquor.

In a square serving bowl add one layer of Ladyfinger biscuits. Spoon the half of the coffee over the biscuits and spread out 1/3 of the cream over the biscuits. Repeat with the last layer of cream on top.

TiramisuChill for at least 1 hour. With a fine thieve sprinkle a generous layer of unsweetened cocoa powder on top before serving.



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