I love these small chocolate bars with coconut flakes and covered with dark chocolate. They are my absolute favorite.

That is why I  was thinking to make a cake similar to these bars. I love the taste of coconut very much so I wanted to make this cake as much tasting of it as possible, using coconut fat instead of butter and coconut milk instead of normal milk. As I have no experience using coconut oil I was searching the net to get tips about this issue. It is no problem to replace butter by coconut fat/oil. You just have to consider that you need less fat: 100 gr of butter can be replaced by appr. 80 gr of coconut fat and less.

Coconut fat or butter is the non-liquid coconut oil. It is getting liquid from 25ºC, so it is recommendable to keep your jar of coconut fat in the fridge in summer.

In this recipe I give 160gr of coconut fat. First time I made this cake I used only 100gr as I miscalculated the amount but still the cake turned out nicely. I even used some coconut fat to grease the baking tin.

What you need:

160gr coconut fat/butterCoconut Cake
200gr sugar
4 eggs
250gr all purpose flour
150gr coconut flakes
1 pck. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla powder
100ml coconut milk
1 pinch of salt

For frosting:
25ml coconut milk
100gr chocolate couverture
some coconut flakes for sprinkling

How to prepare:

In a bowl combine the coconut fat, sugar and vanilla sugar and stir with an electric mixer for 5 minutes or until the fat dissolved.

Add the eggs one by one, mixing each one well.

Mix the flour with the baking powder, coconut flakes and salt and stir with an whisk. Add spoon-wise and alternately with the coconut milk to the egg-coconut fat, stirring well on high until you receive a smooth dough.

Grease a ring-shaped cake tin with one teaspoon of coconut fat and add the dough.

Bake in the preheated oven at 150ºC on air for about 60 minutes.

For the frosting melt the chocolate couverture with 25ml of coconut milk. Cover the well cooled cake and sprinkle with some coconut flakes

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