There are a lot of recipes existing in the net for cold brew coffee. But did you ever think about a Freddo Cappuccino made from cold brew coffee?

In summer I love to drink ice-cold coffee. In Greece most people drink “Frappé”, a cold coffee made from cold water and instant coffee, foamed up by a small electric mixer and served to taste either straight, sweet or with milk.
In my first years in Greece I liked this coffee but since Freddo Cappuccino (or Freddocino) became trendy, I prefer this kind of cold coffee. The problem only is, if you do not have an Espresso maker at home you only can drink it in the cafeterias or as coffee -to-go.
So, since I learned about how to make cold brew coffee, I got the idea for this kind of Freddo Cappuccino.
If you make a filtered coffee and let it cool, your coffee will get first of all bitter and of murky color. The advantage of cold brewed coffee is that, depending on the quality of your coffee, you get a kind of sweet but strong and clear coffee.
In most recipes it is recommended to let stand the coffee for at least 12-18 hours, I let it stand 24-30 hours. I have tried it with filter coffee beans and espresso beans. I recommend to use the coffee beans of your favorite coffee.
In my recipe I used coffee beans from Lavazza Espresso. You will receive a dark black syrup with a strong but sweet espresso taste. You will be able to make at least 5 coffees. You can drink it as pure cold brew coffee, mixted 1:1 with ice cold water (or as much water as you like) or as my favorite Cold Brew Freddo Cappuccino.
My husband’s tip (professional barkeeper): Best results for a foamy milk for Cappuccino made by a hot steamer or cold with an electric cocktail mixer you will get with ice cold milk with 1,5% fat.

What you need:
For the syrup:
1 cup of whole coffee beans of your taste
1 jar or bottle with lid (min. 1 liter capacity)
4 cups of water
a mill for coffee beans
kitchen paper towels
a fine sieve
For the Freddo Cappuccino:
appr. 50ml cold milk 1,5% fat
50 ml cold brew syrup
50 ml cold water
sugar to your taste (optional)
some ice cubes (optional)
an electric cocktail mixer

How to prepare:

@ElisabethDuckeckBlend the coffee beans in the coffee mill coarsely, like small bread crumbs. Fill into a jar and add the water. Close well and let stand for 24-30 hours in a cool place.

Pass the liquid from a sieve. Throw the remaining coffee grounds away. Place two kitchen paper towels into the clean sieve and pass the liquid again to remove the fine grounds. If necessary repeat the process.

Store the cold brew coffee syrup in a bottle in the fridge.

For the Freddo Cappuccino stir some ice cold milk in a glass and whisk with a small electric cocktail mixer until foamy. Add some sugar to taste. Fill up with some cold brew coffee syrup and ice cold water. Add some ice cubes and enjoy.

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